Day 2

To make way for the organising committee of Ukraine’s latest revolution (Ivano-Frankivsk branch), I taught my English lesson for children in the corridor this evening. It turns out that the school is housed in the centre for the National Movement (one of the successor organisations of the Ukrainian Rukh/Pyx movement, which was the core opposition organisation in the late USSR).
I think the kids/teens were quite pleased to be able to make this contribution to the cause. And, as it turned out, a greater portion of these children – aged 13-15 – than the two groups of university students I taught this morning were clued up as to what is going on in Ukraine.
There is perhaps a generation coming through that will prove critically, politically aware. Or perhaps it is the fact that they have not entered higher education here that means that they still have some radicalism or maybe idealism in them.
Interesting times

.We don't want to return to the USSR


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