Day 5: the situation in Kyiv

In grand political terms, thus in relation to the site where the TV cameras’ focus lies – Kyiv, this evening saw a significant turn, as the two “Euromaydan” sites, or the two large demonstrations, were united. The spontaneous, civil occupation of Independence Square – familiar from the Orange Revolution – was united with the European Square occupation, organised by the three main opposition parties. There was no real tension between the two camps, with the three opposition leaders having shared a stage with the figurehead of the civil camp Mustafa Nayyem. However, this unification on Independence Square signals a unified opposition of politicians and society. What has been agreed in Kyiv is that no party-political symbols should be displayed at the new unified camp. In Ivano-Frankivsk, this is not something that has had to be actively enforced or even announced. While party-political figures speak alongside, it is solely national and EU symbols that are evident on the streets.

The purpose of this blog is to focus on the uprising from the perspective of a lecturer. This post is just for background.


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