Practicalities of Square Occupation (Maydan)

Just a quick note to mention that this uprising and civic occupation is an indication not only of the workings of a form of underground or usually invisible civil society, one which proved capable of organising quickly and uniting various factions around the city, but also indicative of the functioning of a civic solidarity.

Local cafes and businesses are offering up their food, hot water and even premises for free to participants of the square occupation (Euromaidan), while even students who come for the mass protests at midday are given free sandwiches and tea, thus making up for them missing their long break at 11:25. Numerous people have also brought wood for burning in the fires heating the city-centre occupation camp, while sound systems etc. have been provided, too. Equally, there are online donations for ordinary people to assist the nationwide occupations.

At the same time, the state apparatus is applied to block certain actions which reveal the functioning of the civic solidarity, but largely only where there are attempts to join the protests in Kyiv. Bus companies, for example, and even individual drivers, from here and in Lviv have been threatened with having their licences removed if they transport protesters to the capital.


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