Day 8: The end of the local tent city occupation, the start of intensified protests in Kyiv

The occupation of Ivano-Frankivsk’s square has been ended by agreement of the organisers, who will be taking their fight to Kyiv, joining the main protests there which are demanding the resignation of the government following the failure to sign the EU Association Agreement.

Meetings will, however, continue here for as long as the protests continue in Kyiv. However, it is unlikely that the daily student strikes will continue, at least with the same level of mass participation as was witnessed this week.

How the students here will react now is unclear, since the civil disobedience of the student warning strikes has proven ineffective in securing the signing of the Association Agreement. However, these strikes have been effective in raising student awareness of their potential power albeit, somewhat paradoxically, in relation to the state authorities.

There is little willingness, for now, to challenge the power of local authority figures within institutions such as universities who, in fact, exert real power over students’ lives.


Is this a symbol of the dying embers of students’ European hopes, or the sign of a still-smouldering urge to change and rebellion?



2 thoughts on “Day 8: The end of the local tent city occupation, the start of intensified protests in Kyiv

  1. One has to imagine the impact of the protests of the last days in long terms and not in short-term effects. Maybe we will see in a few years that it was formative for a generation concerning self-awareness and active citizenship.


  2. Christian, yes, I completely agree. It will be impossible to tell for years to come what impact these protests will have in terms of citizenship, civil society and self-awareness.
    It is quite interesting to observe that among the generation of students currently on the streets en masse (not the organisers) there is little active memory of the Orange Revolution, thus it is not a direct inspiration. (Most would not even have been teenagers at the time).
    Thanks for your comment.


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