An update to the sounds of revolution (
One of Ukraine’s leading satirists Майкл Щур makes a powerful song about the excesses of the current regime, with a title that is a pun too subtle for me to translate (it involves перебор as being both excessive violence and a guitar song)
Michael Shchur – who plays a journalist apparently from the Toronto diaspora in order to lull his political targets into a false sense of security – has a youtube channel here:


Гітарний перебор by Michael Shchur / Майкл Щур

2 thoughts on “Гітарний перебор by Michael Shchur / Майкл Щур

  1. Dear foreign journalists! Please make a pressure upon your governments and state authorities. Unfortunately we can see that interest in Europe to the events in Ukraine is decreasing. In case of sanctions against at least one of Ukrainian oligarchs or ministers our way to freedom and democracy will become irreversible. A lot of powerful persons in Ukraine just wait for external signal. Ask (or demand) your governments to provide sanctions!

    Please, we really need your help!

    Free Ukrainian citizen.


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