An explanation.

It seems that the objective of this blog has been misunderstood, even by people who can claim to know me well.

Writing about events in the city, whether everyday or exceptional, while events of greater historical, national and international significance take place does not mean I disregard those events. Not writing about something, such as the military occupation of Crimea and threats to Ukraine’s territorial integrity, does not mean that I support the thing I have not written about.

Equally, writing critically – not criticising, but attempting something closer to critical analysis – about something happening in Ukraine does not make me anti-Ukrainian or pro-Russian. It just suggests I studied social history and cultural studies at some point. 

If I’m concerned about aspects of Ukrainian nationalism or symbolism, then it doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the dangers of communism, stalinism or Russian imperialism. And if I don’t write here directly about the dangers of communism, stalinism or Russian imperialism, then it doesn’t mean that I don’t know what they have done, are doing or could do to Ukraine or more widely.

And just because I write something it doesn’t mean I believe that is the objective truth or the reality of a situation. It’s just how I perceived it at the moment of writing.

Furthermore, I’m not really that influential, important or recognised – so don’t get so worked up about what I’ve written.


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