Local Nationalist News and Gossip Column Update: Keeping it in the Family

Yesterday the leader of Right Sector in Ivano-Frankivsk Vasyl Abramiv became a father, the same day that he was leading a march through the city centre. He’s certainly dedicated to the cause. The maternity hospital is opposite the local police and Security Service HQ, so perhaps he simply combined his duties to the nation and the family?


2014-03-12 17.02.25

Abramiv is the man to the far right of the main column of marchers, wearing jeans, a navy jacket and a black and red armband – very in, indeed de rigueur, this spring season among certain sections of Ukrainian males. 

In the smaller photo Abramiv is next to the man with the green trim on his jacket, bottom centre-right of picture.

It turns out that Abramiv’s wife Anastasia is the daughter of the national leader of Right Sector, Dmytro Yarosh, who is now a grandfather.

How nice that Right Sector, a bit like the old Yanukovych regime, likes to keep things in the family.

And the Social Nationalist Assembly, greeting their ‘sworn brother’ Yarosh, found a neat way to link the Yarosh-Abramiv’s joy to their cause: ‘Strong Family. A Great Ukraine. Glory to Ukraine.’



6 thoughts on “Local Nationalist News and Gossip Column Update: Keeping it in the Family

    • Cheers for the comment. For as long as there are events to inspire writing this blog, and they don’t look like they will dry up for some time to come, I will carry on.
      Thanks for reading and commenting.


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  3. Vasyl Abramiv is a jew. Yarosh’s wife is a mongoloid to produce a mongoloid mongrel of a daughter. Dmitro Yarosh and the Right Sector are disposable war-cattle for the International Jews. Yarosh is a race traitor.


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