A review of Bachmann and Lyubashenko (eds), The Maidan Uprising, Separatism and Foreign Intervention (2014)

I’ve been away for a while from this blog. I did go back to Ivano-Frankivsk for Ukrainian Christmas in January and also spent a day in Lviv, but I’ve not got around to writing up that time yet.

However, in my post as a postdoctoral researcher in Germany I have been keeping abreast of events in Ukraine. Indeed, inevitably, it has become quite a prominent subject in academia, particularly at the university I am at, where Eastern European studies is very strong.

I wrote a longer review of a highly disappointing book, which you can read here. The original version was even longer, but for reasons of space I had to cut references to further books, including my praise for Richard Sakwa’s Frontline Ukraine.

If I find time and inspiration, I hope to return to this blog more regularly.

All the best,